If you have been around the Xbox, PC and Playstation scene for a while you will be familiar with the Trials series, a line of games that gives players fiendishly hard levels to traverse, all with a motorbike, and one terrified rider attached The latest addition to the main Trials franchise was Trials Fusion, and this introduced a point system scoring tricks and moves you would pull off. Now Urban Trial Playground is bringing that same formula to Nintendo Switch, with some beautifully sunny locations across California available for you to action your sick aerials in.

Across the 50 levels to be enjoyed, you will take your rider and perform all manner of tricks and stunts, chaining together moves to build up combos and accumulate the biggest scores. There are two ways you can do this, with the Freestyle mode and a Time Trial mode both including online leaderboards for you to compare yourself against, and the Time Trial mode letting you race against your best time as a ghost.

If you tire of racing online opponents and your ghost, then the co-op functions of the Switch mean that Urban Trial Playground can be played with local multiplayer friends in Tag and Time Trial competitive split-screen modes.

In order to be the best in the world, you are gonna need the best bike, and the various upgrades you can purchase will change the control of your vehicle – suiting your bike to your playstyle will be key, and of course how it looks is important also!

If you are looking for some biking action on Switch, then head on down to the eShop where you can find Ultimate Trial Playground for £17.99.

Game Description:

Backflip from the rooftops, over palm trees and sand dunes in Urban Trial Playground and become the ultimate stunt racer!

This new installment of the stunt bike racing series is moving the action from city streets, straight to the sunny and colourful beaches of California, mixing in even crazier tricks, flips and combos than ever before. It’s a game of speed, balance and style!

Independent front and rear brake controls allow players to pull off stoppies and front flips as well as sliding into huge skid burns on the track!

With a vibrant, sun-soaked background and chilled out atmosphere setting the scene for some truly breathtaking stunts, get ready to flip, trick and roll over palm trees and golden sands dunes.


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