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After being enticed by the portability and draw of Nintendo Switch, TheSwitchHub was born in February 2018, created with the express intention of delivering the fairest, most rounded Nintendo Switch game and accessory reviews the world has ever seen.

Will we make that goal? Well, that can only be decided by you – our visitors – but you can be sure we’ll give it one hell of a go.

Expect to find reviews for all the most recent Nintendo Switch games available, as we cast our eye over the best, the worst and the most middling of games.

Review Scores:

After successfully creating and running TheXboxHub since 2013, we feel that it is only right to translate that some scoring system into TheSwitchHub’s way of thinking. You will therefore find scores out of 5, with half points available should we deem fit.

A 5/5 rated game will be something you should hunt down immediately, whilst those hitting the other end of the spectrum, may be best off ignored. Don’t think that a 5/5 rated title is perfect though – chances are nothing will ever be perfect – but a full rundown of the scoring system, with percentage equivalents will be as follows:

  • 0-10% – 0.5 star
  • 11-20% – 1 star
  • 21-30% – 1.5 star
  • 31-40% – 2 star
  • 41-50% – 2.5 star
  • 51-60% – 3 star
  • 61-70% – 3.5 star
  • 71-80% – 4 star
  • 81-90% – 4.5 star
  • 91-100% – 5 star


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