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Get 10 Quest Review

Don’t expect Get 10 Quest on Nintendo Switch to while away countless hours of your time, but if you have a spare 15 minutes – and some pocket change – having a number merger on your Switch such as this is a good investment.

Creepy Tale Review

The Nintendo Switch is a wonderful little console. Being able to crawl up with headphones and a console-like game in your lap adds a certain charm you just don't find elsewhere. Creepy Tale takes advantage of that atmosphere but also shows how poor controls and obtuse design can force you away from that immersion in an instant.

Infini Review

Throughout its 7-8 hour story, Infini on the Nintendo Switch takes you on a journey that lasts nearly a billion days, which itself may win an award for longest time passed in a game. If you just want a pure puzzle game, Infini is as tricky and yet satisfying as they come.