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Infini Review

Throughout its 7-8 hour story, Infini on the Nintendo Switch takes you on a journey that lasts nearly a billion days, which itself may win an award for longest time passed in a game. If you just want a pure puzzle game, Infini is as tricky and yet satisfying as they come.

Destrobots Review – Destronot bad

Destrobots is a refreshingly simple game. It doesn't offer anything that will surprise you but it doesn't really need to. If you're looking for a small twin-stick shooter to play with friends, it's hard to go wrong here. If however you're looking for something new and refreshing to the genre, don't bother.

Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Review

Xenoblade Chronicles on Nintendo Switch may not typically be said in the same breath as other top-tier Nintendo IPs such as Animal Crossing or Zelda, but with the Definitive Edition it definitely deserves to be. This is a hugely comprehensive JRPG that is a brilliant mix of old-school storytelling and modern gameplay.