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Spirit of the North Review

A trip to Iceland may not be on the cards for travellers any time soon but a copy of Spirit of the North is more than a decent substitute, providing you with an excellent getaway if you can stomach some frustrating side-effects.

Soul Searching Review – Search and Destroy

Water and spirituality are paired together thematically so often it's practically a cliche. Soul Searching attempts to grab this structure and add something a little new. It's minimalistic, interesting and subtly incredibly dark when it wants to be. It won't be a game that everyone will like and it might make you feel a little uncomfortable, but it certainly won't be something you'll forget.

EQQO Review: Too little scope, too much gyroscope

EQQO for Nintendo Switch does a great deal of things right; it has an occasionally great atmosphere and offers a truly unique story inspired by Ethiopian design and culture. Unfortunately, its central design is often lacking and some technical issues bog it down from what it could be.