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Clock Simulator Review

Clock Simulator is a strange one. Not because the simplicity of it could quite easily have seen it rock up decades ago, but because in those 40 years that I've been gaming, I'm not sure I've ever played something so basic. Especially once the original Pong was put to one side. The problem is, Pong was more exciting.

Trouserheart Review

Coming from the team over at Kyy Games, Trouserheart is a hack and slash adventure that sees our hero, King Trouserheart, having his leather trousers stolen by a troublesome Blockold. Obviously this made him sad, and with a nasty breeze blowing around his nether regions, the king decided to sally forth and reclaim his trousers. First appearing on mobile platforms way back in 2013, has time been kind to Trouserheart on Nintendo Switch?
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Time Carnage Review

The look of Time Carnage intrigued me from the word go. Quite possibly because it instantly reminded me of one of my favourite ever arcade shooters; TimeSplitters. Ridiculous, frantic action married perfectly with hilarious characters and oodles of customisable elements made it an instant classic. But forgive me for indulging, I know we’re not here for that. So, with trigger fingers at the ready, I ask, can Time Carnage offer a similar experience?
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Horizon Chase Turbo Review

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