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Soulblight Review

The fantasy genre is one that has been well and truly done a thousand times over, but if you are able to throw in the right ingredients to come up with something special, there’s no doubt players will come running. Hoping for the masses might be a little more than developer My Next Games are expecting with their debut title Soulblight, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t going to give it a shot.

Victor Vran Overkill Edition Review

With so many RPG adventures out there, it’s hard to imagine something coming along that’s completely unique in every way, but just because it may be a challenge to make something unique, it doesn’t mean you can’t make something rather spectacular with your efforts. It seems the team behind Victor Vran: Overkill Edition thought the same thing, as whilst it may show many similarities to the king of RPG - the revered Diablo series - it’s also an incredibly enjoyable game to play in its own right.

Pode Review

The Nintendo Switch has become a fantastic console for gamers thanks to its vast selection of varied titles, and its satisfying portability ensuring we can take those beloved adventures with us on the go. One thing that doesn’t receive enough praise however are the many couch co-op titles that are also readily available, bringing such a unique experience to the handheld device. Can Pode, the latest puzzler with co-operative gameplay change all that?