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Drowning Review

The “walking simulator” is one I’ve come to appreciate over the years and one that took several excellent games to turn me around. It’s main focus is telling a narrative through a 3D environment that you walk around in, and usually, there is no interactivity besides that. Some may have puzzles or different objectives. Some simply want to sweep you up in a story that they are telling. I find the common components of these kind of games, at least the good ones, is that they have a compelling tale and gorgeous environments. Drowning is found to be in the vein of this genre, but unfortunately it fails on both fronts. This is a shame because it has a good message and is clearly a work of passion, but it just falls short of much of what it is trying to achieve.

Coffee Crisis Review

Coffee Crisis… the title alone is enough to bring up memories of those mornings we’ve all experienced at some point in our lives.

FutureGrind Review

Sometimes a game will come along and it is difficult to nail down exactly what genre it fits into. Despite this you’ll immediately know what to expect. That is the case with FutureGrind.

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