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Blazing Beaks Review

If you were to look back to a time before the Nintendo Switch, you’d probably be able to count the number of occasions you could point to a game and say that it was designed with any sense of reality in mind on one hand. Simulation games weren’t something you’d find on a Nintendo console with each handheld device being the place to find the wacky, the unique and the more outrageous titles – Nintendogs provides a good reason why it has always been better that way. The latest game to hit the Nintendo Switch is another that pushes things to the borders of the more outlandish and if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, Blazing Beaks may just be up your street.

Akane Review

Akane is a cyberpunk slasher fest, a violent symphony that plays out on the screen everytime that you play; a pixelated dance of death that is impossible to look away from. It’s menacingly violent and threateningly addicting and is easily one of the best action games for the price on the Nintendo Switch right now. While it’s lacking in content in certain areas, there is still hours of entertainment to be had in “Mega-Tokyo”.
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The Mystery of Woolley Mountain Review

If you’re after a neat little adventure that you can enjoy with no effort at all, then The Mystery of Woolley Mountain is one that deserves a place on your Switch.

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