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X-Morph: Defence Review

First launched in the summer of 2017 on Xbox One, X-Morph: Defence has now got itself a release on the Nintendo Switch. With an intriguing premise, and the promise of a new twist on the Tower Defence genre, can the game make the switch to Switch, if you'll pardon the pun? EXOR Studios certainly think it can, but I dipped on in to find out!

HoPiKo Review

From lifelike racing to war-time shooting, RPG epics set across gargantuan expanses, and platformers and puzzlers that are perfect for an afternoon of delight. As gamers, we have something for every occasion. Often those games arrive and hold our hands all the way through, so we can enjoy the experience fully. However other times a game looks to move away from that handholding to remind us that the world can be an unforgiving place. HoPiko is one such game; one that likes to remind us of the harsh realities of life.

Awe Review

Awe is a god-like game in which little instruction is given in how to proceed - leaving you to play the part of overseer in this yet-to-be-created universe.

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