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inbento Review

inbento on the Nintendo Switch is a great fit because it has a real pick up and play feel to it. Everything about this game is designed to relax and calm you, which sounds counter intuitive for a tricky puzzle game, but it is a relaxing experience.

BurgerTime Party! Review

BurgerTime was a much-loved platformer from the 1980’s that came up with a unique concept of building burgers whilst avoiding enemies. This burger-stacking system helped differentiate it from other 2D platformers of the day but now, 37 years since the original arcade release, have these burgers gone stale?

Creature in the Well Review

Creature in the Well is best described as a pinball platformer where players need to hit balls around the map, targeting certain areas. Unfortunately, unlike pinball, this basis for the game is introduced in the first few minutes and then continues for the rest of the game without any further elements added at all.

Captain Cat Review