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Garage announced as Nintendo Switch exclusive

Do you like your B-Movies? Do you hark back to a time when VHS was in fashion? Do you need a new topdown shooter? Garage will be sorting you out - and it's coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch. 

GRIP promises to turn combat racing on Nintendo Switch upside down!

Announced today by Wired Productions and developer Caged Element Inc, GRIP promises to redefine the combat racer – turning the genre upside down in fact – as it prepares to release on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC later in 2018.

BLEED 2 Review – Nintendo Switch

So, she did it. She took on the world's most celebrated heroes and came out on top, proving herself as the greatest of them all – the greatest videogame hero of all time. That was where we left our adventures with Wryn, pink-haired heroine of BLEED last time out, so with no one else left to stand in her way, what has caused the sudden return of the world's most coveted hero. Well, that would be the all-new alien threat, and with Wryn standing as the one and only remaining hero, the aliens have decided that now is the right time to invade our lovely green planet. Grab your guns - it’s time to face the deadliest threat the planet has ever seen.