There are times when you will want to experience high-octane racing on Fast RMX, or indulge in a hundred hour moon-fest on Super Mario Odyssey. But there are other times that call for relaxation, and that is where Animated Jigsaws: Beautiful Japanese Scenery may be required.

See, AJ:BJS (as I’m now calling it) gives you a 60, 120 or 240 piece jigsaw puzzle full of some lovely Japanese Scenery and gives you all the time you need to sit down and complete it; whether that is a jigsaw of Kyoto, Tokyo or another element of Japan.

That’s it, but of course if you wish you can attempt to get the fastest time, and then beat it, or complete each puzzle with a different background colour. But essentially what you are doing here is sitting down and completing a jigsaw puzzle, which saves your progress if you need to go away and then come back to it.

If you fancy taking on the challenge with friends, then AJ:BJS caters for up to 4 players, all working together to complete the same puzzle. Utilising an easy snap mechanic, the pieces all fit together nice and easily, ensuring you don’t get too frustrated when putting together a full 240 piece likeness of Mount Fuji.

If you do want a game on your Switch to come back to when the time arises, then Animated Jigsaws: Beautiful Japanese Scenery can be found on the Nintendo eShop from today for £7.99.

And there’s no chance of missing pieces!

Game Description:

Complete animated jigsaw puzzles alone or team up with friends and finish them together!

Animated Jigsaws – Beautiful Japanese Scenery contains moving images from spring, summer, autumn and winter, capturing the natural beauty of Japan from all four seasons. Piece together scenes from some of Japanese most famous places including Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, Tokyo and the snow monkeys enjoying a bath in a natural hot spring! The hectic scramble crossing at the metropolitan Shibuya district in Tokyo is also included.

An easy-to-use interface such as separating edge and inner pieces makes solving puzzles fun and relaxing.

  • Solve puzzles with friends in multiplayer for up to four players*
  • Easy-to-play traditional jigsaw puzzle
  • 10 animated scenes of beautiful scenery from Japan
  • Famous locations taken from all seasons
  • Selection of three background colours
  • Three sizes for each puzzle: 60, 120 and 240 pieces
  • Saves time spent completing each puzzle and each size
  • Separate edge and inner pieces
  • Each piece snaps into place for stress-free experience
  • Ability to snap individual pieces together
  • Save a puzzle half way and continue later
  • Selection of traditional Japanese music to choose from


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