It’s 500 BC, and Sparta has had all of its gold, weapons and armour mysteriously stripped… and to make things even stranger, magical portals have popped up across Greece.

So, as the world’s most respected and powerful warrior, the brave soldier King Leonidas must stomp, run, climb, push and generally fight his way through whatever stands in your way, and ultimately bring all this madness to and end!

Not only will you be fighting the enemies, but there are numerous traps and obstacles out to stop you too. The main premise of Spartan is to platform across the 4 unique worlds and 24 challenging levels, but if you wish to return to previous levels the option is there to do so, if only to collect every single piece of gold that you find on your travels.

If you want to indulge in the 20+ hours of indie platforming action that Spartan delivers, then head on down to the Nintendo Switch eShop: £9.89 will see Spartan downloaded onto your Switch.

Game Description:

Sparta, 500 BC. The city-state’s weapons, armour and gold have mysteriously vanished. Magical portals begin to appear throughout ancient Greece. As a king and the world’s most fearsome warrior, Leonidas sets out to discover who is behind the threat, and recover everything that was stolen. You are King Leo, and your aim is to make whoever is responsible and whatever stands in your way rue the day they crossed your path.
Block, stomp, run, jump, fall, climb, cling, push, spring and slice your way to victory. Outsmart intelligent enemies, tread carefully through obstacles and use your wits to defeat bosses in epic battles. Non-linear levels No matter which path you choose, you can always return to any point. Feeling greedy and want to go back and collect all of the coins? No problem! There is no area you cannot return to. But remember to plot your routes and keep track of where you’ve been, because without retrieving all of the artefacts or chests you won’t be able to activate the magical escape portal. Not happy with your score? You can replay any level, any time, once it’s been unlocked.
Pixel-perfect controls When the margin for error is small, responsive controls are a sheer delight. You command and King Leo executes with lightning speed. You say “”Jump!””, and he says “”How high?””. If your reflexes are fast enough, his reflexes will be fast enough. Every step counts and every move is in your hands. Clocking in at a stable 60fps, Spartan leaves gamers no excuse to not succeed. 20+ hours of gameplay More if you want to unlock the entire gallery and learn some ancient Greek words! With four distinct worlds and 24 challenging levels, you’ll find yourself proclaiming: “”Tough, but fair!””.! Memorable atmospheric soundtrack with ethnic overtones Crisp and detailed handcrafted art Hyper-smooth 2D physics-based mesh animations Fun, intelligent and reactive enemies A huge variety of traps and obstacles


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