Do you like your B-Movies? Do you hark back to a time when VHS was in fashion? Do you need a new topdown shooter? Garage will be sorting you out – and it’s coming exclusively to Nintendo Switch.

Announced today by tinyBuild and Zombie Dynamics, Garage has been inspired by all those VHS era B-Movies that the world knows and loves. A topdown shooter that focuses on blood, blood and more blood, you spend your time playing as Butch, a old drug dealer who now has to take on hordes of mutants and the undead… single-handedly!

Combining survival aspects, ammo management, shoot em up mechanics and, rather strangely, racing, you’ll be dropped into multiple levels and tasked with checking out the dark hallways in order to find a route to a hidden obscure underworld.

Weapons will be in plentiful supply, and using them will be the secret to any success as you battle the monsters that inhabit this underworld full of secrets and challenge!




Arriving as an exclusive Nintendo Switch title on May 10th 2018, should you be attending PAX East 2018, you’ll find Garage on the show floor, ready and waiting to be taken in.



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