It’s a classic action platformer that promises to provide plenty of new twists on the formula. Are you ready to hit the Castle of Heart exclusively on Nintendo Switch?

Available right now from the eShop, Castle of Heart sees you taking charge of a cursed knight who needs to keep moving and fighting in order to avoid disintegration and utter death.

It is your time to prove your value as a knight – will you have the courage, persistence and flair to defeat the evil sorcerer and save your loved one? Or will you allow your fear, hesitation and misgivings to take control of you? Whatever you decide, make it quick – your stone body is just one step from completely falling apart.

With multiple weapons and a variety of combat styles and power ups, the 20 levels that Castle of Heart delivers will ensure that you get as good a chance as any to prove that you have the heart of a true hero.

But whilst roaming the game’s fantasy land is all well and good, you’ll face all kinds of enemies, summoned by the evil sorcerer to stop you. With a variety of attacks coming your way, you will need to utilise a different strategy to beat them all, and choosing wisely from a wide selection of progressively more powerful weapons – ones that burn, others that freeze or even deafening grenades – and your powerful magical arsenal, as well as power-ups, is of key importance.

Defeating those enemies is a source of energy though, and you’ll need that energy to keep your body together and move forward. Forget about it and your critical energy level will be hit sooner than you expect, resulting in one of your arms falling off – along with its ability to wield additional weapons.

With dark fantasy atmospheres inspired by the best action platformer titles from the genre’s golden age, Castle of Heart promises a perfect mix of classic influences and modern approaches, utilizing the spectrum of Switch features that will enchant both fans of the genre and newcomers.

Will you be getting involved? The £13.49 price tag is very tempting.

Castle of Heart features include:

  • A unique main character – a knight turned to stone, who needs to keep fighting to avoid disintegration;
  • 20 completely different levels in 4 beautiful environments loosely inspired by real life places;
  • Over 50 types of weapons, of both short and long range, allowing each gamer to find his own, individual combat style;
  • HD Rumble support strengthens the immersion;
  • At least 7 hours of addictive, exciting gameplay;
  • Epic boss fights at the end of every location;
  • Breathtaking graphic design;
  • Numerous power up’s enrichening the gameplay;


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