It’s already available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC, but today the team at Awesome Games Studio have announced that hordes of the undead will soon be hitting Nintendo Switch. Yes, get ready to command your hordes – for I, Zombie is coming!

Due to hit Nintendo Switch on March 8th 2018, I, Zombie likes to be thought of as a completely different take on the zombie genre. Arriving with a £4.49 price tag, I, Zombie will task you with eating as many brains as possible, turning the entire world into a mass of undead.

It’ll be up to you to become the leader of your horde, attempting to infect every last human and turn them in to your kind. Putting your squad up against armed soldiers, civilians and more is the name of the game, and you’ll find that I, Zombie comes with multiple scenarios that all require different ways of thinking.

For the Zombiepocalypse to take hold, you’ll need to fool the military by being sneaky and smart, but should you find it all a bit of a cinch, an included level editor should let you take things to the next level. How will you lead your horde to victory?

Main features include:

  • Be a zombie, eat brains!
  • Control your minions by simple commands – you might be dead, but who said the dead can’t come up with great strategies?
  • Simple, arcade and puzzle-like rules – be smart, be sneaky, unleash the zombiepocalypse!
  • A comic setting – zombies are cute and funny too!
  • In-game level editor – endless fun, and even more brains!

Will you be heading on in with the zombie masses? 8th March isn’t that far away you know.


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