Growing up in the PlayStation 1 era meant taking in some truly captivating titles. From Abe’s Oddysee to Ace Combat, Syphon Filter to Rayman, there was always a different classic that was lighting up my chunky box TV back in the ’90s and early ’00s. Back in 1997, there was one game however that caught my attention above all others and had me, and several of my friends, hooked for weeks. That game was Micro Machines V3, the classic table top racer that had players putting microscopic and wacky racers around table tops and the like all for our amusement. Now though, all these years later, we have Table Top Racing: World Tour, but can it capture that micro magic that we previously loved, or will it sit in slumber in the shadows of the mighty Micro Machines?

Now before I get into the depths of it all, it’s worth noting that Table Top Racing isn’t exactly a new and exciting title. It is for Nintendo owners of course, otherwise what would be the point right? But if you’re a multiplatform gamer, then chances are you’ll have already noticed this one arriving on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC in recent times. That said, there are now some exciting changes that have been made to help create the complete Table Top Racing experience and with each new change only bolstering what we already have on offer, it must be said Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition is miniature racing at its finest!

To start off, players are given a reasonable sum of coins to purchase a car, with two affordable picks to choose from. For me the Volkswagen looking BugRat was the only choice I was willing to accept and with it, I headed into first event available to me, the Spark Plug Trophy Championship, hoping to save enough coins to be able to eventually splash out on the rest of th 16 strong line-up of miniaturised and tuneable racers.

With this being the Nitro Edition, this does of course come with added extras, as mentioned before. These include all the previously released DLC, a new Splitscreen VS Battle mode, Optional A.I Opponents for Online Games and 2 Player split-screen Online and Offline Gameplay.

Whilst those additions may sound exciting though, it’s worth noting that the base game alone is far from lacking in content. With 12 unique Championship trophies for players to fight for, 32 circuits to master and over 175 events to reign supreme on, this isn’t a game that you’ll be dusting off in a single rainy afternoon. In fact, with racing proving fast, fluid and incredibly fun, chances are you’ll still find yourself pushing your snazzy table top racer to the limits late into the night!

Should you manage to master everything on offer in the single player side of things and nail every Championship and restriction setting Special Event, you’ll then want to consider jumping in on the multiplayer side of things.

There are three options for you in the multiplayer section that include Solo Online Battle, Splitscreen Online Battle and Splitscreen VS. Battle. With the inclusion of A.I to fill the empty slots left by players, this certainly brings fresh air knowing that you won’t forever be waiting for enough players to start a race. As we all know, that is an all too common problem with multiplayer titles that have been out a little while these days, and if you have at least one other player then you can get straight to it in a completely packed out race.

Splitscreen online is much the same, however your extra player comes in the form of your local partner, with two players able to get in on the action together against everyone else online courtesy of taking a single Joy-Con each. From there, we have the final option, Splitscreen VS. Battle – one that pits players once more against one another, just this time without the added pressure of online opponents, ensuring the battle is all that more personal. 

No matter what mode you choose, solo or multiplayer based, each race is more than just making your way to the finish line; it’s just as much about how you do it. In each race, players will find floating powerups and weapons that can be utilised to fight your way through the pack and gain that valuable first place, and as you’d expect from any kart/miniature vehicle racer, they work a treat. Knowing when to use them however can often be the key, and should you learn the tracks well enough, there is nothing like timing that perfectly launched ice shot at your opponent as you race past the frozen ice-cube remains of their vehicle.

Another important feature that will play into your success is vehicle modification. It’s all well and good saving up your coins to eventually splash the cash on that pricey racer, but unless you invest equally into the Top Speed, Acceleration, Handling and Armour ratings of your vehicle, you’ll be made quick work of on the track. To do that though, it’s going to cost you even more coins, but there’s nothing that compares stepping onto the grid with a fully tuned vehicle that’s ready to dominate the opposition.

Overall, whilst the whole idea of Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition on Nintendo Switch is really quite simplistic, the execution is fantastic and if you’re after a game that will pull you in race after race, looking and sounding great throughout, then Table Top Racing: World Tour – Nitro Edition is certainly a game you’ll want to be getting involved in. With sounds provided courtesy of Juice Recordings, and visuals that provide intricate detail within it’s ‘toonish’ design, Table Top Racing is certainly a kart/miniature racer that will stick with you for some time.

Rating: 4/5

Release date: May 2019

Price: £24.99

Formats: Nintendo Switch (Review), Xbox One, PS4

Massive thanks to: Greenlight Games


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