Home News N++ Ultimate Edition for Nintendo Switch is coming… very soon!

N++ Ultimate Edition for Nintendo Switch is coming… very soon!

N++ Ultimate Edition for Nintendo Switch is coming… very soon!

It’s the self-proclaimed ‘world’s best platformer’ and it’ll very soon be coming to Nintendo Switch. The question is… are you ready for the arrival of N++?

Coming to Nintendo Switch on May 24th 2018, N++ Ultimate Edition will bring exhilarating local cooperative and competitive multiplayer to gamers who like to take their sessions on the go.

Stripping down the classic 2D platformer, N++ deals in core elements, parkour acrobatics and pure, unadulterated fun. If you thought N++ was good on other platforms, then you’ll be amazed at how well it and Switch compliment each other.

With simple controls that allow your skills to grow, making your ninja feel more badass every time you play, N++ may seem to be a minimalist affair, but there are over 100 eye-catching Funlockable colour schemes, and over six hours of the best futuristic, atmospheric electronic music from boutique labels around the globe. And that’s not even mentioning the 4340 hand-crafted levels that will have you playing for days, weeks and no doubt, months.

The Nintendo Switch version of N++ Ultimate Edition will allow friends to play in local multiplayer Co-op and Race modes with the Joy-Con controllers ready for action. But should you be a loner, then you’ll find both lengthy and challenging Solo and Hardcore campaigns that have been filled with ingenious secrets galore.

Oh, and if that’s still not enough, you can create and share your own levels with players worldwide, using the built-in level editor.

If you enjoyed N++ elsewhere, then buying it again on Switch is a bit of a no-brainer. Should you be one of the few who has never played the game though, then well, you could do a lot worse than consider it once it arrives on the eShop come May 24th.


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