For many, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console to sit down with and just relax. But for that you need a relaxing, simple game to play. You don’t get much simpler than Word Search by POWGI.

Yes, this is purely a word search game, giving you more than 300 fiendish little puzzles to complete, with each centred around a key subject. Every time you complete a puzzle your time will be recorded, making for some huge replayability opportunities as you shave off seconds on each challenge. For solo players in particular, the touch screen capabilities of the Switch make it easy and efficient for anyone to locate a word and drag their finger along the screen to its end.

But for your £6.99 that is not all, as up to 4 online or local players can complete the same puzzle – it’s up to you whether you see it as a cooperative effort in order to complete the word search in record time, or more likely as competitive word searching to see who can find the most words. With each player taking a different colour, it’s easy to see who has found which word, and the amount each player has located during the puzzle.

That’s pretty much it for Word Search by POWGI: basic but enjoyable, addictive word search fun for pretty much any age! If you fancy picking this one up, then you can find it on the eShop for £6.99 as of today.

Happy searching!

Game Description:

Word Search by POWGI includes more than 300 puzzles to keep you – and your friends – puzzling for hours!

Up to four can play*! Connect extra controllers, go online** or use local wireless multiplayer*** to solve the puzzle as a team – or compete for the best score.

Or just sit back and relax with immersive touch screen controls as you take on 27 different categories of puzzles at your own pace!

Play with the whole family and use the game as a fun way to practice spelling and vocabulary.

POWGI’s word search puzzles are expertly hand-crafted for your enjoyment and are stuffed to the brim with words in every direction!


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