Coming from the team over at Kyy Games, Trouserheart is a hack and slash adventure that sees our hero, King Trouserheart, having his leather trousers stolen by a troublesome Blockold. Obviously this made him sad, and with a nasty breeze blowing around his nether regions, the king decided to sally forth and reclaim his trousers. First appearing on mobile platforms way back in 2013, has time been kind to Trouserheart on Nintendo Switch?

First impressions are good, with a colourful artstyle and a appealing overall “look”. The sound is perfectly acceptable too – swishing swords and grunting monsters all keep with the subject matter at hand. The controls are simplicity themselves, moving around with the left stick and every other button being that of an attack. Running around and slashing enemies with Trouserheart’s sword soon becomes second nature.

There are a lot of stages included in Trouserheart and in traditional style completing one stage unlocks the next until the boss stage is beaten, whereby a whole new world opens up. Frequenting these stages are a number of enemies and they are, on the whole, well designed, with lots of different models to batter. The big bad end of stage bosses also appear to have had a good amount of imagination put into them, and can provide a challenge until their attack patterns are discerned.

Gameplay wise and Trouserheart is fun, if a little on the easy side; this game does show its mobile roots, but not in a bad way. Each level is made up of a series of rooms, with a kind of checkpoint halfway through where health can be topped up, allowing you to restart should you die. Each room has enemies or chests in, and is different each time you play through. This sees some rooms coming complete with simple puzzles like matching symbols on the floor or using bombs to break rocks. Whatever the puzzle found in Trouserheart, the old grey matter won’t be overtaxed here. As the levels get higher, there are more rooms to traverse in each one, as you’d expect in a game of this sort.

Having completed the adventures of Trouserheart on the hardcore setting without too much difficulty, I can say that this game does seem to be aimed at the younger gamer. There is a permadeath mode for the ultimate challenge, but having got my seven year old to take it for a test drive, he was also able to clear hardcore inside a day. Perhaps he’s a gaming genius, or perhaps it’s just all a bit on the easy side. Thankfully, grinding the completed levels to get more gold to upgrade Trouserheart is fun as well, and by the time you’ve fully maxed out his four tiers, he’s pretty much a killing machine that can go toe-to-toe with almost any enemy in the game.

All in all, Trouserheart on Nintendo Switch is a fun, light hearted romp through a world of trouserlessness. It’s bright, colourful and enjoyable from start to finish, and whilst it is not the longest or hardest game in the world, it is good while it lasts.

I think the best way to end this review is with a line from my son, who asked me if he could keep Trouserheart on the Switch once I’d finished my review, as he “really enjoyed playing it”. That says a lot and I think you may just echo his sentiments once you’ve gone hands on with King Trouserheart.

Rating: 3.5/5

Release date: October 2018

Price: £6.29

Formats: Nintendo Switch (Review)

Massive thanks to: Kyy Games


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