Home News Party Trivia brings more than 7000 questions to Nintendo Switch!

Party Trivia brings more than 7000 questions to Nintendo Switch!

Party Trivia brings more than 7000 questions to Nintendo Switch!

Every party or gathering needs a good quiz, and Party Trivia is looking to be the go-to title for when you are wanting to compete against family and friends in quick-fire, fastest finger first gameplay.

All that you need to do is get a friend around the TV, grab some Joy-Cons and fire up Party Trivia, ready for a unique round of questions centred around a variety of subjects. With over 7000 multiple choice questions, you shouldn’t expect to see the same question again in a hurry.

However, Party Trivia is only capable of bringing a second player into the action, and no more players than that. That means you will have to resort to passing around the controller if you have more than two people wanting to get in on the action. Should you be a loner though, then the one player solo mode should also suffice.

Party Trivia is available from today for £7.19 and you can find it on the eShop.

Game Description:

The multiplayer trivia game.

With Party Trivia play head-to-head, outwitting each other, testing each other’s speed at being the fastest to answer the questions to win points and the game.

Jam-packed with over 7,000 multiple-choice trivia questions in four brilliant genre categories, no game will be the same.

Party Trivia is party gaming at its very best in an easy, out of the box, pick-up-and-play form that keeps everyone at the edge of their seat.

Party Trivia is a great way to while away the time, living a brilliant game show experience at home with family and friends of all ages.

Keep the kids happy during the holidays or test people’s general knowledge – Party Trivia combines a fun, finger on the buzzer, fast-moving trivia quiz that’s easy to play and a brilliant action-packed way of spending a fun afternoon with family and friends.


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